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[Data] Aura Kingdom Archeology Guide & Schedule

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Aura Kingdom Archeology Guide & Schedule

1. Archeology Schedule & Selective Digging

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Crescent HillPottery ShardYELLOWREDBLUE
Demarach MinesAnimal BonesREDBLUEYELLOW
Candeo MarshPottery ShardYELLOWREDBLUE
Star Sand DesertAnimal BonesREDBLUEYELLOW
Slient Ice FieldFrosted Handcrafted RelicBLUEREDYELLOW
Candetonn HillPrehistoric AmberREDBLUEYELLOW
Desolate ValleyMysterious Crystallized MagicBLUEREDYELLOW

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Port SkandiaEnergized CrystalREDYELLOWBLUE
Crescent HillHandcrafted RelicYELLOWBLUERED
Cackatara ForestChinawareREDBLUEYELLOW
Candeo MarshTreasureBLUEREDYELLOW
Blizzard BergAnimal BonesREDBLUEYELLOW
Emerald MarshMutant RemainsREDBLUEYELLOW
Starstruck PlateauPrimitive ToolBLUEREDYELLOW
Port MortonSea Monster LimbREDYELLOWBLUE
Desolate ValleyMystic SphereREDYELLOWBLUE

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Helonia CoastAnimal BonesREDBLUEYELLOW
Demarach MinesPottery ShardYELLOWREDBLUE
Triatio HighlandRare MineralREDYELLOWBLUE
Star Sand DesertMarine FossilsYELLOWBLUERED
Rainmist ReachPhosphorus CrystalREDYELLOWBLUE
Starstruck PlateauCorroded RelicsREDYELLOWBLUE
Candetonn HillCharred Anicent WoodBLUEYELLOWRED
Tanglevine CascadesBone ClubREDYELLOWBLUE

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Helonia CoastMarine FossilsYELLOWBLUERED
Cackatara ForestTreasureBLUEREDYELLOW
Candeo MarshStone TabletBLUEYELLOWRED
Ventos PrairieChinawareREDBLUEYELLOW
Oblitus WoodRare MineralREDYELLOWBLUE
Rainmist ReachCorroded OreREDBLUEYELLOW
Silent Ice FieldFrozen RemainsREDYELLOWBLUE
Viridian SteppeAncient Beast ClawYELLOWBLUERED

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Port SkandiaChinawareREDBLUEYELLOW
Crescent HillTreasureBLUEREDYELLOW
Ventos PrairieHandcrafted RelicYELLOWBLUERED
Star Sand DesertEnergized CrystalREDYELLOWBLUE
Vulture's ValeTreasureBLUEREDYELLOW
Emerald MarshMana ParasiteBLUEYELLOWRED
Port MortonExtinct ShellfishYELLOWBLUERED
Desolate ValleyEnchanted RunestoneYELLOWBLUERED

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Helonia CoastStone TabletBLUEYELLOWRED
Demarach MinesStone TabletBLUEYELLOWRED
Triatio HighlandCultural RelicYELLOWREDBLUE
Oblitus WoodMarine FossilsYELLOWBLUERED
Blizzard BergCultural RelicYELLOWREDBLUE
Rainmist ReachRadioactive StoneYELLOWBLUERED
Silent Ice FieldFrozen OreYELLOWBLUERED
Candetonn HillFossilized PlantREDYELLOWBLUE
Viridian SteppeFossilized Beast TracksBLUEYELLOWRED

↓ Location↓ Item↓ Best Quality↓ Good Quality↓ Worst Quality
Cackatara ForestWispBLUEYELLOWRED
Triatio HighlandCultural RelicYELLOWREDBLUE
Ventos PrairieEnergized CrystalREDYELLOWBLUE
Oblitus WoodRare MineralREDYELLOWBLUE
Vuture's ValueHandcrafted RelicYELLOWBLUERED
Emerald MarshFallenwispYELLOWBLUERED
Starstruck PlateauCrumbling TabletYELLOWBLUERED
Port MortonAnicent ShipwreckYELLOWBLUERED
Viridian SteppeAged Giant BoneREDYELLOWBLUE

2. Look at mini map for archeologiest merchant

3. Buy following two items from archeologiest merchant, equip the identification tool set (this item has durability)

4. Look around area near archeologiest merchant, finding the glowing yellow lights

5. When you try to indentifying the item, right click on the item, then use Clean for Red glowing, Repair for Blue glowing, Analyze for Yellow glowing

6. Archeologiest merchant items

  • Soul Orb = Monster EXP Book
  • Abyss Orb = Monster EXP Book
  • Jade of Beasts = Weapon Fortification Scroll 0
  • Anicent Shell = Armor Fortification Scroll 0
  • Ancient Dragon Fang = Weapon Fortification Scroll 3
  • Monster Coral = Armor Fortification Scroll 3
  • Azure Glass = Serect Stone
  • Rainbow Crystal = Secret Stone
  • Crystallized Energy = Eidolon EXP Crystal
  • Breath of Nature Emblem = Eidolon Crest
  • Engergized Emblem = Advanced Eidolon Crest

[Update] 10-2-2014: Aura Kingdom Archeology Guide Created
[Update] 11-3-2014: Archeology Digging, Archeology Schedule Added
[Update] 07-8-2015: Aura Kingdom Archeology Item Quality Added


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